OpenROV, an open-source underwater robot for exploration and education, was recently funded by Kickstarter to offer Kits
Kit will include a BeagleBone Single Board Computer
and an OpenROV BeagleBone Cape to build robot.

The ROV is the brainchild of Eric Stackpole (@eerrp) who wanted an easy way to explore a cave that was rumored to contain sunken treasure near his home.
Pretty soon, a small team of interested onlookers began contributing to the design. The community grew to include beginner, amateur and professional engineers and scientists from over 50 countries. As the community grew, so did the proposed uses of the ROV - from pollution monitoring in streams to species identification in Antarctica.

OpenROV 2.3 “Included in Kit” list

Note that this list is subject to change


All laser cut acrylic parts needed to build ROV Structure, End Caps, & Electronics Chassis
100mm OD cast acrylic “Electronics Tube”
28.5mm OD Nylon “Battery Pack Tube” (2x)
Conical compression springs for Battery Pack Tube (4x)
Rubber end caps for Battery Pack Tube (4x)
M5 316 stainless Threaded “Payload Mounting Rod” (2x)
M5 316 stainless Nuts for Payload Mounting Rod (8x)
M2 316 stainless socket head screws for mounting motors (12x)
M2 316 stainless nuts for mounting motors (12x)
M2 316 stainless lock washers for mounting motors (12x)
#153 O-Rings for End Caps and Electronics Tube mount (6x)
1mL Syringe for End Cap venting (2x)
Molex 18pin plug (1 male, 1 female)
100m single twisted pair “Tether”
Length of wire for motor leads
Propeller (3x)
Reusable Zip Ties for mounting Battery Packs and routing wire (4x)

BeagleBone Single Board Computer
OpenROV BeagleBone Cape
HD USB Webcam
Ethernet to Single Twisted Pair Adapter (2x)
Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motors (3x)
800KV Brushless Motor (3x)
87lm LED light array (2x)
Tilt servo

Items NOT included in kit (that you will need)

Acrylic Cement for gluing laser cut parts
Epoxy for potting End Caps
Liquid Electrical Tape for waterprofing motor lead connection
Heat Shrink Tubing for motor lead connection
Silicon Grease or Petroleum Jelly for O-Rings
Silicone Spray for prevention of motor oxidation

Applicator syringe for Acrylic Cement
Applicator gun for Epoxy
Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron
Heat Gun for shrink tubing (but kitchen stove will work)
Alan wrench for M2 socket head screws
Hacksaw (or other small saw) for cutting plastic syringe

Laptop computer with ethernet port that supports modern version of Chrome or Firefox
8 “C” Batteries